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Water Temperature Remote Monitoring

By installing digital remote monitoring water safety units at locations across the UK, we have cut monthly visits, saved thousands of visits each year and reducing our carbon footprint signifcantly. They are linked to software which allows for real-time updates, all accessible to the Nant team and our clients, increasing safety and compliance.

Water Temperature Remote Monitoring from Nant

L8 Remote, the solution we use, saves time and money against traditional, manual, monitoring techniques. It easily connects to pipework and connects with the cloud to produce analytics and alerts from the data. Users can be given access with varied permissions.

L8 Remote represents a best-in-class digital solution for water monitoring that is reliable, affordable, and innovative. Designed to meet regulatory requirements for the Legionella control code of practice, the L8 Remote leverages connectivity and real-time data management to provide up-to-the-hour temperature readings of your water.

Our award-winning water temperature remote monitoring will revolutionise your water system

Benefits of Water Temperature Remote Monitoring from Nant


Remote monitoring allows for easier compliance


It highlights unusual trends in water temperature, flow and usage


Clients benefit from access to live data in real-time


It removes the requirement for monthly in-person visits


By spotting issues early, it cuts emergency call-outs 


It has allowed Nant staff to conduct more skilled tasks


Nant has cut travel and carbon emissions created by the vehicles

Water Temperature Remote Monitoring from Nant


How does water temperature remote monitoring benefit clients?

By continuing to roll out L8 across their portfolio, Nant can manage cost efficiently, focussing staff on key duties instead of mandatory client site visits.

Clients have access to real time alerts about areas of concern for prioritisation at the same times as Nant, who can invest in staff training to enhance engineer skills for repairing equipment rather than carrying out test checks.

What do customers say about water temperature remote monitoring?

Among the clients to benefit is property compliance and management experts Velway Limited, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, who manage a portfolio of care homes, medical centres and large commercial developments covering retail and leisure.

Robin Harris, Managing Director, said Velway had benefitted from Nant’s remote monitoring system. He said: “During the pandemic Nant tackled the big issues with us. Covid was a massive challenge to us as the legionella threat remained despite Covid 19 restricting free movement. We use the L8 remote monitoring where it fits best. It is valuable with care homes and medical centres especially during Covid as it reduced the need for visits.”

Has Nant's water temperature remote monitoring work been recognised?

Nant’s commitment to excellence and innovation through the implementation of water temperature remote monitoring was recognised when they secured the Excellence in Tech and Innovation prize at the 2022 Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards. 

L8 Remote Installations map

See our map of the United Kingdom, showcasing the strategic deployment sites of our innovative L8 remote technology. These state-of-the-art devices provide 24/7 monitoring of water systems, offering invaluable insights into water turnover and enhancing compliance understanding for both Nants consultation team and client portfolio.

So far we have installed just over 2,500 units and have saved thousands upon thousands of hours and miles of travel time!

Not only does our L8 remote technology revolutionise water monitoring, but it also champions sustainability. By reducing the need for monthly manual visits, we actively minimise our carbon footprint, aligning with environmental responsibility and promoting a greener future.

We’re dedicated to expanding our reach throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, bringing the benefits of our transformative technology to more locations. Join us on our mission to revolutionise water management, compliance, and sustainability.

Experience the power of the L8 remote technology as we reshape the landscape of water monitoring together. Stay tuned as we unlock new possibilities and create a more connected future across the UK and beyond. Stay pro-active and reduce the re-active!

Nant remote monitoring map 2023

Useful information

  • L8 Remote enables cost-effective real-time data capture, analysis, reporting, alarms, notifications and auditing as part of a structured healthy water system management programme.
  • Provides the management of the organisation and the duty holder for water with the tools to actively manage and review the health of the water system for compliance but, more importantly, for increased user safety.
  • Sensors are placed at sentinel points and any other water outlets or water system points as required (risers, calorifiers, returns, etc).
  • Users access readings via a secure dashboard portal, or the system can link to other software.
  • Battery life can last up to 5 years
Technical Info:
Operating temperature -20 to +120 °C
Relative humidity 95% non-condensing
Ingress protection IP57
Size 130mm x 50mm x 50mm
Weight 250g, excluding sensors
Colour White
Material ABS (Military grade)
Power type lithium-thionyl chloride battery
Voltage 3.6V
Capacity 4,000mAh
Compliance Compliant with IEC 60086-4 safety & IEC 60079-11 intrinsic safe ty (class T3)
Radio frequency 433MHz
Uplink class TBC
Antenna Integrated, 2.5dBi
Temperature Sensor type Up to 2 NTC thermistor temperature sensors with pipe clip fixings
Range -10 to +100°C
Accuracy 0.1%
Pipe clips To suit a range of pipe diameters 12-22mm
Cable 0.5 m length standard
CE/radio equipment directive (RED) interface TBC
Ingress protection Testing to IP57 standard
Network Sigfox

“We use the L8 remote monitoring where it fits best. It is valuable with care homes and medical centres especially during Covid as it reduced the need for visits.”


“We had a water leak at one of our properties and the L8 remote was able to tell us where it was coming from. Nant’s response was exceptional. They attended the property promptly and were able to identify and fix the leak the same day.”


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