Meet the Team- Scheduling and Communications Manager Georgie Newport

Meet the Team- Scheduling and Communications Manager Georgie Newport

31st October 2022

In this edition of ‘Meet the Team’ we speak to Nant’s scheduling and communications manager Georgie Newport who began life at Nant as a business administration apprentice:

How long have you worked for Nant?

Five years, January will be my six-year anniversary

What are the main responsibilities in your role?

My role is to manage and coordinate the operational layer of our organisational structure. Daily I communicate with other departments to ensure the company’s vision and focuses are met.

Collaboration is also a huge part of my day-to-day role. Liaising with internal stakeholders, clients and suppliers is crucial in ensuring that we understand requirements and control them by auditing against our current processes and procedures. We then review to identify how they can improve, evolve and ensure compliance is achieved.

What can be the most challenging parts of the job? How do you address these challenges?

Alignment, ensuring we all have the same visions and goals and are working to same the outcomes. Breaking down communication barriers assists with this. As a business we are open to change so if a process isn’t working, we look at how it can be improved.

Moving to the new site at the Science Park has been a huge help. We are all now in an open plan office so we can communicate with each other freely.

What qualifications or training do you draw upon in the role?

My knowledge of the business and on the job training, when I started Nant as an apprentice I had no knowledge of our industry, just some administrative skills. I learned so much in my first year from accounting to sales and business plans. No two days are the same, you really do learn something new every day.

What jobs did you have before you joined Nant?

Before joining Nant, I worked at Sainsburys for two years on the customer service desk. It was a face paced environment where I had to react quickly to problems. I think this is where my passion began for assisting others and problem solving.

What do you enjoy about working for Nant?

The overall family feel and sense of belonging, knowing we all have a purpose. We all spend so much time together and recognise the impact we have on each other.

What is the work-related accomplishment in your career to date that you are most proud of?

My entire journey so far at Nant. When I started Nant I joined as an apprentice, which shows if you put your mind to anything you can achieve greatness.

I have recently been selected to complete the Elev8 training course, which so far has been outstanding. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

What is the best bit of advice you would give somebody starting at Nant?

There are so many amazing opportunities here, so grasp them at every opportunity.

We aren’t your typical business; we care and want you to progress. If you want to achieve, then we will support you to do so.

What are your interests outside of work?

I am Disney obsessed and just returned from my 3rd trip to Disney World in Florida.

I also love spending time with my one-year-old Labrador, Reggie. I also love interior design.

Tell us something nobody would know about you?

When I was younger, I loved ice staking, I had lessons and achieved a level 8 in the skate excellence programme. I still enjoy ice skating when I get the opportunity.

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